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hi, I'm Liz.

mom | writer | beer drinker | cat lady


Let's start with the basics:

When I was little, I loved to write. My Nonnie and Papa bought me a leather bound folder that held a legal pad and a few pens, and I would hole myself up in my room, my basement, a tree...wherever...and I would write. I would later write a few things that got published. Eventually I'd write a college essay that somehow earned me a full-ride scholarship. 

I grew up in Illinois, went to college in Wisconsin, and built my life in Colorado. I accidentally got a job as a medical software specialist out of college, which was great...because only God knows what I was going to do with a Communications degree otherwise.

I worked that job, hated that job, and eventually quit...threw my orange cat, Finn, into my red Jetta and headed West without a job or a place to live. I arrived in Colorado with mission to rebuild and refocus. Little did I know I'd find my husband, have two babies, adopt a dog, and buy a few houses in the 4 short years that followed my arrival.

In between falling in love, changing careers, bringing life into the world...and everything else...I forgot how good storytelling felt. To write something that resonates with someone else; to makes them laugh, not feel so alone, or give them a voice to share - that's why I try to be intentional about carving out time (mostly always with a beer by my side) to write my stories down. And here you have them.

When I'm not writing, I'm: chasing toddlers (2yr + 3yr), chasing an overweight golden retriever (not very hard), trying to remember to feed the cat who tends to lurk in the shadows, running on our most recent impulse-buy (Antoine the Peloton), serving as Director of Talent Branding and Sourcing for an incredible company, and trying to convince myself that Lunchables are a well-balanced dinner while drinking beers on my driveway with the neighbors.

I'm always up for collaboration and hoping to grow this into something more than what you see here. Until then, cheers to the chaos and thanks for reading!

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